Better English boosts Business

‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.‘        Mahatma Gandhi

How will improving your English skills enable you to reach your goals?

Communicating effectively in English really is crucial to business success these days, whether you work on a global or local level. Confident, competent English-speakers have better career prospects. They create more contacts, more contracts and a more connected community.

FACT: Around 380 million people across 54 countries use English as their first language = 380 million more people you could interact with. In other words, you have a really motivating reason to speak English fluently!

Language is not a single-sided tool you switch off at the end of a working day. It’s an ongoing multi-versatile implement which opens doors of opportunity. Let’s be under no illusions: promoting a product is first and foremost about promoting yourself!

What type of courses do I offer?


° In-company service: both one-to-one and group language training on a modular basis in Berlin

° Intensive courses across Germany on request

Distance Learning via Skype

Skype courses are an exciting option for busy people who want to continue developing their conversation skills on a regular basis. Benefit from:

° Face-to-face contact and pedagogic support

° Maximum convenience

° Optimal efficiency

Tuition via Skype offers an effective, flexible solution to maintaining both your motivation and confidence in the language.

Most suited to pre-intermediate level and above – with a focus on spoken fluency.

What is the language of instruction?

Take a guess! English, of course – regardless of level. And why?

Your lesson time = a chance to immerse yourself in the English language. It is the only way to acquire an authentic feel for pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary and body language: for long-term learning progress.

You optimise your learning when you switch off your own language and maximise your exposure to English in routine, real-life business scenarios.

How are the courses structured?

° Course content is tailored to your individual needs

° Lessons are active, authentic and adapted to meet your specific requirements

° Course aims are decided together to provide a sense of structure, relevance and awareness of the learning process: it is your course and your needs as a student matter to me!

Communication between trainer and trainee is key. Remaining flexible and open to the evolving needs of my clients is a crucial part of my role. I want you to own the experience and come away with a sense of empowerment.

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