Expanding Communication Channels. Creating Connection.

“To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture.” – Franz Fanon

How important is communication to you?

How often do you ask yourself that when you speak to a colleague or bash out an email to client; perhaps a press release or monthly presentation?

How valuable is that connection?

I like to think about these questions before I write, translate or deliver training, and I bring that level of consideration into my work. Language is a key to connection, not a mystical puzzle. And employing this tool to relate to others – as well as ourselves – is essential in developing our personal and professional potential. Language expresses our wants, needs and instincts and opens a gateway.

Language empowers. It isn’t just about getting what you want in the short term. That report you submit at the end of the financial year has consequences, not solely in a business context, but in your relationship to all those connected to the end product. It is part of a broader process, marking the continuation rather than end of a certain communication channel that can be boundless in reach.

I am both a language specialist and creative communicator. Having spent the last twenty years exploring interface potential through an innovative approach to writing, art, dance and performance, I am able to not only technically understand words, but through personal, creative experience as a fervent writer, truly feel the impact of language on the target audience. Language enables us to reach out, attract others and establish trust.