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“Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.” – T.S. Eliot

Why choose to work with Clearstar Copywriting?

° Passionate, published writer & poet (See About)

° Deep awareness of cultural specificity when creating texts for the international market

° Understanding of the corporate climate

As both copywriter and poet, I offer a dextrous feel for words and composition style that will create truly original, animated stories to bring your concept to life

Your text will be treated with individual attention and sensitivity: I write in English, providing a personalised, professional, dependable service. Not a sausage factory. The result matters.                 My clients matter. Story-telling is an art to me.

Which areas does Clearstar Copywriting specialise in?

Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Journalism, General Administration

° Brochures

° Website content

° Press releases

° Advertising letters

° Newsletters

° Reports

° Presentations

However, I place no limits on industry or topic. I have equally received requests from a broad range of industry sectors from finance, engineering and politics, to film and literature.

TRANSLATION – German and French into English

“‘Meow’ means ‘woof’ in cat.” – George Carlin

What constitutes a truly top quality translation?

The key is INTUITION: it makes the difference between a good copy and vibrant composition. Translation is not about being a dictionary, mechanically googling one word for another.

It is about bartering; feeling into the original version and selecting exactly what you want in exchange.

It is about understanding the target audience, the market and culture for which it is intended and knowing how to connect with that group through the medium of written language.

It is about being acutely aware of language, having the fluency and creativity to accentuate key features and produce a uniquely lustrous copy.